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Little Big Wheel, Mike Macdonald and the Widowmakers, and Necktie Party tonight in Worcester [02 May 2008|09:55am]

For a New England state that for the most part is free of tumbleweeds, cowboys, and the wide open range, Massachusetts is developing one hell of an alt country/Americana community. Come see three of it's best as Little Big Wheel and Necktie Party join forces with Boston's Mike MacDonald and the Widowmakers for a night of music any self respecting Uncle Tupelo/Graham Parsons/Wilco fan should not miss.

The Hotel Vernon
1 Millbury Street in Kelley Square
Worcester MA
21+, $5 Cover

What do these bands sound like? Take a listen:
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Tonight! The Curtain Society, Aloud, and Drew O'Doherty [07 Mar 2008|09:06am]
Tonight at the Hotel Vernon in lovely Kelley Square Woo Town Massachusetts, First Fridays presents, The Curtain Society, Aloud and Drew O'Doherty in a full night of music to sooth your soul after a hard week.

9pm, $5, 21+


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First Friday #3 at the Hotel Vernon Tonight [02 Nov 2007|11:49am]

9pm Saint Joe Hazelwood- http://www.myspace.com/saintjoehazelwood
10pm Cathy Cathodic- http://www.myspace.com/cathycathodic
11pm Tiger Saw- http://www.myspace.com/tigersaw
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For advertising's sake [05 Oct 2007|05:59am]
The second of my monthly concert series, First Fridays, is tonight. You should go!


I have started a real blog over here: http://my5senses.blogspot.com/

From here on out this is my emo/venting blog so almost everything is going to be friends only, except when I am pushing some sort of show or event.
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Let's try this again, First F'ing Fridays [22 Sep 2007|03:22pm]
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First Fing Fridays [21 Sep 2007|01:42am]
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Back to it... [31 Aug 2007|06:08am]
[ mood | excited ]

Tommorow night is the first in a series of shows I am going to be doing at the Hotel Vernon in Kelley Sq in Worcester. Yes I am one of the believers in Green Island. There's a few of us out there who have complete and utter faith that the triangle that stretches from Union Station to Quinsigamond Street, fenced in on either side by the P+W railroad and I-290, will be the savior of Worcester Masssachusetts.

Wow that was a tangent. This post was mainly to say that I am putting on a very low key show in the Ship Room of the Hotel Vernon tommorow night. Scott Ricciuti, Chuck Melchin and my cousin Jason Ingriselli (Who calls himself Jason James, which would be great anywhere but Worcester) will be doing acoustic sets starting at 8pm. The cover is $5. The beers are $1.

These shows are going to be on the first friday of every month. This will be the last one that is as low key as it is. I plan to do my best to put these shows on as many radar screens as possible by the end of the year.

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This is kind of cool [25 Aug 2007|10:15am]
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6 months, 100 shows [27 Jun 2007|04:45am]
This past weekend I was able to reach a goal I set for myself back in February. As Carry The Zero took the stage Saturday night at The Lucky Dog in Worcester I settled in to watch my 100th performance of 2007. Due to the obsessiveness I am known to exersise from time to time I have been keeping track on a spread sheet.

Since January I have seen 100 performances of 78 different artists on 23 different stages in 10 cities and 2 states.

I've seen 33 acts from Central Mass, 34 New England acts from outside of the Worcester area, 10 North American acts from outside of New England, 2 acts from the UK, 2 from Sweden and 1 from France.

I've seen bands in clubs, bars, coffee shops, churches, museums, colleges, parks, and furniture stores.

I saw one band enough times that they eventually just asked me to join them on stage.

Here are some lists for you to peruse:

Top 5 performances:
1. Spoon, April 27, Pearl Street, Northampton MA
2. Grand Buffet, March 10, The Living Room, Providence RI
3. Do Make Say Think, March 24, Pearl Street, Northampton MA
4. Fujiya and Miyagi, May 4, The Paradise, Boston MA
5. Low, April 7, Somerville Theater, Somerville MA

Top 5 performances by Central Massachusetts acts:
1. Walter The Orange Ocean, February 23, Arts Worcester, Worcester MA
2. Gutta, April 14, The Mill, Southbridge MA
3. Huck, January 26, Grafton Inn, Grafton MA
4. The Accident That Led Me To The World, February 9, First Parish Church, Newbury MA
5. Hey Now Morris Fader, June 8, The Lucky Dog, Worcester MA

Top 5 performances by New England acts:
1. The Luxury, February 24, TT's, Cambridge MA
2. Garvy J, February 23, Ralph's, Worcester MA
3. Seekonk, January 5, TT's, Cambridge MA
4. The December Sound, February 24, TT's, Cambridge MA
5. Wheat, June 22, The Middle East, Cambridge MA

Top 5 performances by North American acts:
1. Spoon (Austin TX), April 27, Pearl Street, Northampton MA
2. Grand Buffet (Pittsburgh PA), March 10, The Living Room, Providence RI
3. Do Make Say Think (Toronto ON), March 24, Pearl Street, Northampton MA
4. Low (Duluth MN), April 7, Somerville Theater, Somerville MA
5. Super 400 (New York City NY), March 2, Ralph's, Worcester MA

Top 5 performances by International acts:
1. Fujiya and Miyagi (UK), May 4, The Paradise, Boston MA
2. The Berg Sans Nipple (France), March 24, Pearl St, Northampton MA
3. Loney Dear (Sweden), April 7, Somerville Theater, Somerville MA
4. The Clientele (UK), June 9, Boston Museum of Fine Art, Boston MA
5. Peter, Bjorn, and John (Sweden), May 4, The Paradise, Boston MA

Top 5 venues:
1. Somerville Theater, Somerville MA
2. Boston Museum of Fine Art, Boston MA
3. First Parish Church, Newbury MA
4. Ralph's, Worcester MA
5. The Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge MA

5 least enjoyable performances:
1. Herra Terra, February 18, Foo Bar, Worcester MA
2. Shawn Waters and Group Think, March 10, The Living Room, Providence RI
3. First Strike, February 10, Hotel Vernon, Worcester MA
4. Craig, March 23, Sakura Tokyo, Worcester MA
5. Grand Evolution, June 23, The Lucky Dog, Worcester MA

Top 5 shows with at least 3 acts:
1. Tiger Saw, 27, Cordelia's Dad, Seekonk, January 5, TT's, Cambridge MA
2. Peter, Bjorn and John, Fujiya and Miyagi, Au Revoir Simone, May 5, The Paradise, Boston MA
3. The Luxury, Horray For Earth, The December Sound, Appomattox, February 24, TT's, Cambridge MA
4. Horray For Earth, Walter The Orange Ocean, Elizabeth and the Catapult, April 21, Ralph's, Worcester MA
5. Tiger Saw, Tom Thumb, The Accident That Led Me To The World, February 9, First Parish Church, Newbury MA

So that was the first six months and I hope to keep up the pace over the second six months. With trips planned to New York, Baltimore and Nashville and probable excursions to Portland I am sure to get even more venues and bands in before the end of the year. Happy show going!
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My new purchase [09 Mar 2007|02:14am]

Other than a car this is the biggest purchase I have ever made myself. I am going to make sure to take way better care of this machine than the ones I have had in the past.
Pretty damn psyched! It should be getting here in two weeks. This is a brand new product from Fujitsu that is getting rave reviews all over the place. Funny, I picked it out with my Dad on Sunday and their were no reviews anywhere because the thing was so new. Monday a bunch of reviews were put up and by Tuesday the place I was going to buy it from was sold out. I found it somewehere else for only $20 more than the place I was originally going to go and they were out too but were nice enough to give it to me at their sale price. They have to get it directly from Fujitsu which is why it's going to take 10 days instead of the normal 5.

Back to the online world! I have felt so isolated over the last 13 months.
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Shows Shows Shows [08 Mar 2007|05:00am]
My weekends, as booked through the last weekend of April.

Fri March 09 The Black at Ralph's
Sat March 10 Grand Buffet at The Living Room
Fri March 16 Mittens at TT's
Fri March 23 Tiger Saw at The Java Hut
Sat March 31 Wheat at TT's

Sat April 07 Low at Somerville Theater
Fri April 13 Cloud Cult at Middle East Upstairs
Sat April 21 Huck/TCS at TT's
Fri April 27 Spoooooon!!!!!!!! at Pearl St

Now off to buy Grand Buffet tickets. The Thermals show last weekend taught me that shit, no matter how obscure you think it might be, will sell out.
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Taste, Experience and Association [09 Jan 2007|04:24am]
How much, when it comes to taste, is determined by experience and association?

I was thinking about this when it comes to opinions on largely subjective things such as music, movies, food, and things like this. I was also thinking about this as fas as people, events and emotions go.
We really are computers. In my 34 years I have put a bunch of data into this machine. I am constantly doing it. As are all of us. When I put new data into the machine the machine compares it with the data that already exists and than decides what to do with this new data. I believe this machine keeps the data in a couple different categories. I cannot begin to know what these categories are but I would guess that some data is categorized as good, useful, and productive and other data considered bad, harmful and detrimental to the make up of the machine.
Someone said something on a message board a few months back that really got me thinking. Now I don't think it was meant to be thought provoking at all. I think it was meant more as a little jab towards many of the people I consider myself in league with. The question was, "What is this obsession with authenticity?"

So what is with this obsession with authenticity? Is it because at some point I was lied to? That is what I have always thought about it. At some point there was some truth that I believed to be universal, that I based my whole belief system on, that turned out to be false. Maybe that is it.

Now I pretty much base my life on a quest for authenticity. I mean I do other things, but mostly at the core of what I do is that quest for authenticity. I have a hard time with ambiguity. Always have. Ambiguous people piss me off. I could never understand it. Why would you want to be this way? I guess if you see life as a competition. If I saw life that way I might want to be ambiguous. I guess I just believe in showing all my cards, because I don't believe I am playing this game against you. I believe we are playing this card game together. Kinda hippy dippy I guess but I really believe that. Right now I think maybe I have a pair of 8's. What are you holding?
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Mass Bay Film Festival: My Itinerary [31 Oct 2006|02:34am]

The Legend Of Lucy Keyes (2006, Supernatural Thriller, Filmed Locally)
Julie Delpy, Ghosts on Mt Wachusett, Filmed in Princeton
7:00 PM Showcase North


Plagues & Pleasures On The Salton Sea (2004, Documentary)
A documentary about one of the creepiest places I have ever been
9:45 PM Razzo Hall


Heading South (2005. French Drama)
Intresting sounding premise about older women taking sex vacations in the Carribean. I am intrested to see this from a woman's perspective.
3:00 PM Jefferson 320

Tideland (2006 Drama/Fantasy)
New Terry Gilliam movie. Nuf said.
7:00 PM Showcase North


The Movie Hero (2003, Comedy).
Movie about a guy who's life is a movie that people are watching as it happens, with the main character knowing.
1:00 PM Razzo Hall

Army of Shadows (1969, French Thriller)
Movie about the French Reistance.
3:50 PM Cinema 320

Mutual Appreciation (2005, Comedy)
Just another of the type of movies I love that most would probably find boring. What appears to be a really great story about people.
7:00 PM Razzo Hall


Take My Eyes (2003, Spanish Drama)
Kind of controversial Spanish film about the breakdown of a relationship into abuse.
7:30 PM West Boylston Cinemas


The Civilization Of Maxwell Bright (2005 Dramatic Comedy)
Movie about a man and a mail order bride. See the above about movies just about people.
7:00 PM Showcase North

FRIDAY 11/10

Factotum (2005, Drama)
From the Bukowski book of the same name. Been wanting to see this one for a while.
7:00 PM West Boylston Cinemas

Shortbus (2006, Drama)
Controversial drama set in NYC.
10:00 PM Jefferson 320


The Camden 28 (2006, Documentary)
Documentary about 20 anti war activists arrested in 1971.
3:30 PM Razzo Hall

Sir! No Sir! (2005, Documentary)
Documentary about Antiwar servicemen in the Vietnam era.
7:00 PM Warner Theater

The House OF Usher (2006, Thriller)
Pretty cool sounding thriller that was filmed locally.
9:00 PM Razzo Hall

SUNDAY 11/12

F*uck (2005, Documentary
The history of the word.
4:30 PM Razzo Hall
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Festivals [19 Oct 2006|09:43am]
I really like 'em. I like having more to choose from then I can possibly see. I love researching what is available and whittling it down to just what I have to see. I love making up an itinerary. I love being absolutely bombarded with new things.

Last year at the Morongo we ran into a girl whos hobby is going to festivals. That's just what she does year round, goes to this place and that, all over the country and sometimes internationally going to different festivals. How friggin awesome!

I am in the process of doing that right now for the Mass Bay Film Festival. A 10 pack is $50. I don't really think I can do much more than that so I am going to have to get 60 movies down to the ten that I really want to see the most which is going to be tough. I am sure I will go a little over ten.

Hooray for festivals!!!!
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Baltimore conversations Part II [02 Nov 2005|05:02pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Monsour Hobo(this guy is way too classy to just be reffered to as a bum): Mister! Mister! The bus done just drove by. You sho gonna be waitin' a long time for that bus.

Me: That's okay.

Monsour Hobo: You get enough to drink in there?

I had just walked out of the Club Charles, which is rapidly becoming my favorite Baltimore bar, which seems to change on a weekly basis.

Me: Yeah I got enough.

Monsour Hobo: Man! How much can you drink in one day? You must be able to put alot in that big belly.

Me: Well I don't drink everyday.

Monsour Hobo: Oh c'mon, sure you do. Anyways, what were you drinkin' in there?

Me: I had a few Crown and Gingers.

Monsour Hobo: What's that?

Me: Crown Royal and Ginger Ale.

Monsour Hobo: That sure sounds good. I'm gonna have to save me up some money and go in there and get me one of those. I haven't had a drink in a long time. Think they would let me in there?

Me: Well, I don't know, they do have that buzzer.
(The Club Charles has a full glass door with a buzzer on it to keep out the riff raff from the bordering neighborhood, one of the cities worst, which I know seems kinda wrong, but I understand it.)

Monsour Hobo: Yeah, yeah. Hey can you spare some money to help me get enough to get something to eat? I'm looking to get me some fried chicken up the street.

Me: How about a dollar, will that help?

Monsour Hobo: Yeah that'll help. Appreciate it. Hey, what's your name?

Me: Gabe

Monsour Hobo: I love you Gabe.

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Hampden [17 Sep 2005|02:38pm]
[ mood | sweaty ]

It's a pretty intresting place. I think Pecker more then anything was John Waters ode to Hampden. The last scene in the bar, where all the oh so hip New Yorkers come to Hampden and end up just getting down with the Hampden locals, that to me is the defintion of the neighborhood. The whole movie points this out. Most of the time trashy people are actually pretty cultured and cultured people are actually pretty trashy.
Sure the art dealer from New York is so cultured and hip, but she will try to bang the new rising photo artist in a heart beat. Not so cultured is she? Pretty trashy.
Hampden gets all this and just rolls with it without the slightest bit of pretension. Art gallerys with paintings selling for 6 grand exist side by side with a store like Sandy's Discount which is selling just about everything made of plastic that is available for consumption.
Sometimes it get's a little too trashy, like the girl in the bar who told me that one week prior herself and her mother kicked some girls ass out in the parking lot. I personally don't ever want to be around for something like that, however, that is some mother/daughter bonding that most mothers and daughters could only dream of having. The point is that there is never a level of pretentiosness in Hampden that reaches unreality. The trashiness can reach a very low level but it is always REAL. Everyone here lives in a reality.

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Cocaine and Porn do not mix! [16 Aug 2005|12:46am]
[ mood | chipper ]

I just got done with my first two days off in a row in Baltimore and I really didn't do too too much but it's quality not quantity.

One of the drivers that lives a few blocks away from me gave me a ride home so considering I got back pretty early I decided to walk up to the Avenue. The Avenue is like the Main Street of Hampden. It's a pretty damn cool place with a ton of cool little shops, cafes and restaurants. I decided to take a walk up and see if there was anyplace up there to get breakfast. I ended up at a place called the Golden West Cafe which I believe is a tex mex type place that looks like it is run by some hippies. I got some sort of huevos followed by a mexican word type stuff that I think may have been enjoyed by someone but it wasn't enjoyed by me. First of all when they said fried corn cakes I was expecting some sort of corn bread type thing but it was actually a corn cake made with real corn. The only reason this was dissapointing is that corn bread would have been nice to offset just how damn spicy the chili was. So yeah this whole dish was "fried eggs" (does this mean sunny side up? I am not sure because the eggs were covered with so much other shit), chili, salsa, jack cheese, and those damn corn cakes. Everything was overpowered by how hot the chili was. I did not enjoy this at all and ended up just eating half of it and leaving. I am willing to give them another chance though and get something a little more traditional as the only problem I had with what I got was how hot it was. The portions were huge and it was pretty creative.
I then hopped on the Hampden Shuttle Bug which is a bus that just loops around my neighborhood. I went up to the Rotunda "Mall" which is just some stores in the basement of an old school. They did have a Radio Shack however so I picked up some AV cables so I can have some music in my room and a cheapo DVD player so I can have some movies in my room.
I did that and walked the five blocks home turned on my AC and promptly fell the fuck asleep. I woke up around 7 at started unpacking some shit and straightening some stuff out. My roommate came home and we got my box spring up into the room. I have now after 32 years finally gotten myself a big boy bed and it couldn't have come at a worse time as the stairway in my oh so narrow row house won't let that box spring up. It says no way. So we had to get creative and hoist that shit up through my front window. Good stuff.
Rich went to a show up in Towson and I fell asleep again. I woke up at 11 went down to the Paper Moon to get dinner and then checked out our neighborhood bar for the first time. Dizzy Issie's is a cool enough place. The jukebox kinda sucks though. Any jukebox that has any "Now That's What I Call Music" on it can blow up as far as I am concerned. However it does have $1.50 Yuengling pints and while I am not a big beer drinker you really cannot argue with that. So Rich ends up showing up after the show and we have a couple more and decide to go to this place up on the Avenue called Frasier's that neither of us had ever been to. He goes to use the bathroom and I go outside. Right as I get outside, as if by magic, I have one of the most surreal experiences of my life. It went something like this.
This guy come walking around the corner, about 6'1" skinny, balding, maybe early 40s. He comes right up to me and asks,

Bald Cokehead: Do they play any Gwen Stefani in there?
Gabe: I didn't hear any.
Cokey McCokester: Yeah, I like her alot, you?
Gabe: No not really.
Flakes McGhee: You like Led Zeppelin?
Gabe: Yeah I like Led Zeppelin.
Rails McDoogle: I have seen them like four times man. Bonham was the man. 20 year later and they still can't replace him. That music got to me man. It was like a big throbbing clit. You like porn?

This balding hipster cokehead then proceeded to go on a 15 minute (literally, try standing there listening to some coked out insano ramble about porn for fifteen minutes, funny part is it only got annoying in the last five minutes) tirade about porn. How he was addicted to it, how the girls in the industry feel about it, how they get into it, who killed themselves, how awesome Ron Jeremy's dick is. Oh yeah, it was ridiculous. We did make it to Frasiers and I will save a later entry for that because ladies and gemtleman I have found my Baltimore bar.

That was Saturday night.

Sunday I got up and walked over to Charles Village to pick up the new Smog because they were playing over at Otto Bar that night which made me happy because I love me some Smog. Otto Bar is a pretty cool place. A two floor venue with the club room downstairs where the bands play and a bar type room upstairs where they have DJ's and such. I didn't get to check out the upstairs but the downstairs was pretty cool. Jim White of the Dirty Three is currently playing drums for Smog and he may be one of the best live drummers I have ever seen. As manic as Keith Moon but in total control the whole time. Super tight. Feathers, a band from Burlington VT with all sorts of crazy instrumentation also played as well as another band I did not catch the name of that reminded me of a cross between The Fall and Devo so you can imagine that I like them lots.

So yes, a good time was had by all this weekend. Next weekend I will get Derek Ring drunk and push him into Chesepeake Bay. Stay tuned for more info.

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AHHHHHHHHH [13 Aug 2005|12:22am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Fridays are soooo nice. At the same time they are so hectic. Friday nights are the nights we have the least amount of routes going out but it is also the night we have the most call outs. So what happens is I am going crazy until all the routes go out but once they are out, around 11:00, then I get to relax for the rest of the night. I have to do my status report and send out my emails about the nights issues before I leave but other than those two responsibilities I basically get to just chill out until the morning.
I put a link on volcano boy to this guy: http://www.citypaper.com/columns/story.asp?id=10393

Joe MacLeod writes a weekly column in the City Paper down here that is killing me. I was saying to Daryash Koh that my reading really influences my writing. I think this column is where the craziness that I left on Robin's journal came from.

Here are some excerpts from the column:

---From "Let's Not Get Real" 8/10:

Anyway, you tell me I gotta come to you and get it, to some, like, “Matrix Place,” or “Metro” somethingorother plaza-plex-avenue-way-drive that you know just has bleak, smelly industrial park written all over it, and I gotta go there to get this fucking mind-control device or whatever and hook it up myself in my own house so you can spy on me, and I’m so physically addicted to the creamy goodness of Cable Television that I’m ready to jump in my car and leave immediately to get my new death-ray mind-eraser robot wireless lobotomy safety box and take it home and install it myself. What a fucking sap, eh? I woulda even probably brought you a sandwich or something, but . . .

---From "Liquid Donuts" 6/29:

I went to a Krispy Kreme that was having a “Grand Opening,” and they do this thing where they light a little red light outside the store to let all the fat-asses know there’s freshly minted doughnuts to be had, ohhh. All these little shiny newborn doughnuts bobbling around in a river of hotter-than-hell oil, all floating downstream into the gaping maw of America. Shit-goddamn, that’s some good doughnut they make there at the Double-K, but on the contrary and however in my own opinion, I respectfully maintain the coffee sucks it there at the K-to-the-K. Seriously, I dunno what they do to it, but it’s like nuclear-surface-of-the-sun scalding hot, and just tastes like some, I dunno, some burnt bad-juice, and while I prostrate myself before their O.G. doughnut, I ain’t there for the coffee.

---And my personal favorite, From "Gas Huff" 7/13

They’re shooting goddamn fucking space shuttles into space, that’s how much gas there is. How much effing gas does one of those things need, hah? Can’t they use littler rockets or something? And what’s with all these cheap airplane flights all over the place? How much goddamn gas goes inside an airplane? This shit doesn’t make sense, man. Gas costs Too Much but airplane trips are Cheaper Than Ever. And the fucking train is always too expensive and the bus sucks. Why can’t they make the train cheaper? I like the train. They should have fewer airplane trips and charge more for them so that gas will be cheaper, right? Supply and Demand? My head hurts (and it ain’t from gas fumes) when I see all the car companies selling more cars more cheaper, and now people will buy more goddamn gas. Seriously, I wish it was all gone. Then I could complain about my electric-atomic-hydrogen car or the horse I gotta ride to get to work.

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BELIEVE [09 Aug 2005|11:11pm]
[ mood | busy ]

So here I am. Baltimore Maryland, Charm City, Mobtown, Bodymore, Murderland.

I have been at the job now for a week and a half. Sometimes it is balls to the wall insanity. Sometimes it is completely relaxed and chill like tonight. Alot of these guys are from the roughest parts of Baltimore and DC and it shows. We had a guy call in on Sunday to say he wouldn't be in and when we asked why he said he was out at a club on Saturday and someone beat him with a tire iron. He came up to show us in case we didn't believe him and his face was actually crooked and it looked like he might have a concussion. Pretty rough stuff.
I think I am slowly earning the respect of some of these guys. Tonight one of the drivers was giving me attitude and we kinda had it out in front of a few of the guys which I think is a good thing because I want them to know I won't take any bullshit. Alot of these guys really don't know how to interact with people and that is a problem. I will be the nicest most accomadating manager any of these guys will ever have as long as they are nice and accomadating in return. I don't have time to listen to three hours of bitching every night. Especially when most of it is illegitimate.
My commute via public trans is 2 hours in and 2.5 hours home. I have come up with a formula. Time in a car multiplied by 4 equals public trans time. I am glad this is going on right now however instead of like a year from now. I am still new to the city and new to the downtown so waiting for transfers isn't a big deal because the city is very exciting for me right now. For instance I have to wait a half hour to get my train out of Baltimore to take me to my job but the train station is right next to Camden Yards so if there is a game that half hour flies by as I walk around the party like atmosphere going on all around me. Baltimore is SO vibrant. It's the thing I love about Boston and New York and Montreal (and now Baltimore) and hate about Worcester. ENERGY. The air pops and sizzles.
The air in Worcester growns and throws up. The air in Worcester is an old man clutching his back as he limps up a hill.
Everyday I see something or do something that makes me stop pinch myself and say, "This is my home, this is where I live."

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And your leaving why? [27 Jul 2005|03:55pm]
[ mood | hot ]

I am having one hell of a fucking fine day in beautiful Worcester Massachusetts. First off, well, I was hungry. And I know in some parts of the world and even some parts of the USA I might be in trouble if I was hungry depending on my income and location. But you know what? I make a decent wage and live in the second largest city in Massachusetts. As a matter of fact I live one block off of "Main" Street in this city so you would think if I were to walk up to "Main" Street I would be able to find a fucking place to sit down, in air conditioning, and get a decent meal.
I walk to the corner, Uncle Sam's, closed.
This absolutely pisses me off but I know there are a few more places down the street. Annies? closed, The Chinese place? closed, Fantastics? everyone is sweating all over everything. The coffee shop? I am not paying $6 for a bagel sandwich no matter how cute that European girl behind the counter is. So where am I eating? MacDonald's. That's right MacDonald's. And as bizarre as this may be for some small business owners to understand one of the reason's MacDonald's is a multimillion dollar corporation is simply because they are FUCKING OPEN. You can depend on them to be open when they say they are going to be open. I will forever choose the independent over the corporation but some times it's really hard and I understand more and more why most folks choose the corporation first. Simply put, they choose because of dependability. Even if it is a lesser product you know what you are going to get.
Note to small businesses: You cannot afford to fuck up once because every time you do someone is going to yell MacDonald's in your customer's ears. Their ads are everywhere. The small business owner has to be completely on top of their shit in order to survive in this world of billion dollar marketing, advertising and research budgets.
Well that was number one. Number two is that I wanted to rent a car for tomorrow to do some running around with. You know, get boxes, tape, and just have it at my disposal all day if I ran into anything unexpected while I was packing. Well after I hit the ATM I noticed that my balance was almost nothing. I think, this is crazy, I just deposited my check yesterday. Sorry Gabe, your Massachusetts bank takes two whole fucking days to clear a check. Fucking Commerce. You know while I was living here every time I had a problem with Commerce they would assure me that their procedures were standard practice in the banking industry, blah blah blah. Well my bank in Maryland does none of the idiot things Commerce does. No split business day. They operate in real time, you know, like the rest of the world?
So needless to say I cannot rent a car until tomorrow morning which is a waste of time and money because I cannot have it for 24 hours because I have to go get the moving truck friday morning.
I love all my friends and I will miss them dearly but I cannot wait to get the fuck out of here. Derek and I were talking about how Pez is the only Oxford left in Worcester now. Hopefully everyone else will follow suit sooner or later. This is not a slight on anyone, just a slight on the city. I don't know where it shits out all the souls it eats on a yearly basis.
On top of all this and probably the major reason for my crankiness, I may have chosen the worst week ever to move. I can't wait until tomorrow when it is in the 70's.

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